API records appearing outside of the end date

Why do API records appear outside of the end date?

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This article explains why you might see records when pulling API data with a time greater than the End Value set.

For example, you may set the data to end on Feb 17 at 16:00 and notice that the report is including a share that was made on Feb 17 at 23:00.

End Time Value:

Record Returned:

Why does this happen?

PostBeyond stores all data in UTC time to avoid timezone-related issues.

While the data is stored in UTC time, PostBeyond also needs to support timezones reflective of the user-specific data. To accommodate these two variables, PostBeyond makes adjustments.

For example, if a user in the API is making a request for analytics while in Toronto, Canada (EST), the time or input needs to be adjusted based on the difference between UTC and EST timezones (which is 5 hours). If PostBeyond doesn't adjust the time, the data would reflect results from a previous day.

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