How to Auto-Queue Posts (For Admins)

Why use Auto-Queue? How to Set-up Auto-Queue

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Save time for your users and ensure that important content is being shared!

With Auto-Queue, admins and content creators can push important content to the LinkedIn queue of users automatically.

In turn, this allows users to easily share content from PostBeyond without having to manually queue and/or share content.

Note: This feature is currently only available for LinkedIn.

In this article, we go over:

Key Benefits

  1. Users can automatically build their brand and share pre-approved content without the need to log into PostBeyond regularly.

  2. Admins can post to users’ queues, raising the chances that certain posts will be shared to the social networks.

  3. Admins have full control over which posts and campaigns they want to share through their users.

  4. Admins can help executives build their social presence in an automated and easy way.

Core Use Cases

Auto-queue can be really beneficial, especially for those who fall under one of the three categories we've identified as a core use case:

Partner Advocacy

Executive Activation

Inactive Employees

There are hundreds of partners distributed across multiple regions that don’t have access to content. Your partners understand the value of social media but may unintentionally go, rogue, because they need extra guidance on how to share.

You and your executives recognize the importance of being the face of the company. Yet your executives are too busy or don’t understand how to use social. Now, the responsibility falls on you to help build your executive’s social presence.

You understand the value of being active on social media but your employees are typically late adopters.

Your customers have embraced social media and so should your advocates. Auto-queue handles some of the time-consuming tasks involved in maintaining a social media presence.

It helps your partners, employees and executives grow their social presence automatically. You can now run social media campaigns and publish relevant content on behalf of your advocates. Simply queue pre-approved content to share while your end-users can elect to review or post.

Best Practices & Commonly Asked Questions

Will employees appear like they’re spamming on social media?

Program admins have the ability to select specific posts they’d like to share on behalf of their employees and executives. Our recommendation is to select high-priority posts such as relevant company news, announcements, or specific social media marketing campaigns that would benefit from employee social networks. As always, follow guidance and media best practices for frequency per network.

What’s unique about this compared to competing solutions?

Many of our competitors do not have auto-queueing of content sharing. This functionality is most relevant for channel marketing because companies selling through their channel partners. The channel partners itself normally do not have a full comprehensive view of brand guidelines or have access for shareable content. There are also adjacent social sharing solutions targeted at managing communications on behalf of executives as well.

How will employees know what’s in their queue?

Employees can initially opt into posts being added to their queue. Once an admin pushes a new post, it’ll go into the user’s next available spot to share and they will be notified. This will allow them to review and edit content if they want.

Should every employee have an automated queue?

No. There are always a group of super users that want full control over their social presence so this functionality may not apply. This functionality should be for executives, partners, and busy employees. It’s most relevant for employees that are customer-facing, understand social media, and want an easy and automated way to share content on social.

What if our users' LinkedIn token expires?

When a queued/ scheduled post fails to be shared, the user is sent a notification to prompt them to relink their account.

How to Set-up Auto-Queue

Enable Auto-Queue for the Instance

  1. In the Admin panel, navigate to Company Settings

  2. Click the box to Allow admins to push posts to user queues (NOTE: users will need to enable this feature)

How to Push Posts to Auto-Queue

There are two ways to push posts to users queue:

From Posts page:

  1. Go to Admin panel > Posts

  2. Click the wheel icon of the post you would like to push to Auto-Queue

  3. Select Auto-queue post

When creating/editing a post enable Auto-queue post toggle:

End-User Experience

Once the post has been queued, end-users who have enabled the feature will automatically have the post funnelled into the users' queue.

If you want to learn more about how auto-queue works for your end-users, please see Auto-Queue Posts (End-Users)

Once you've enabled Auto-Queue, you may want to ensure that your users are getting the best visibility into the feature.

We recommend that you check out our article Auto-Queue Newsletter Templates on how you can leverage communications via newsletters to help your users opt-in to this feature!

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