Getting Started with PostBeyond!

Learn how to set up your PostBeyond account with a few simple steps.

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Follow the next few steps to get your PostBeyond account up and running.

Linking your social networks allows you to share to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook directly from PostBeyond!

  • Click on your profile photo, select 'My Settings'.

  • Scroll down to your 'Social Settings'.

  • Click 'Link Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn' to link whichever social network you want to share posts to.

If this is the first time you are linking a social network to PostBeyond, you will need to sign in to your selected social network and authorize PostBeyond to use your account.

To manage what appears on your feed, you can follow Topics that you are interested in to get regular updates when a new post has been added into a specific topic.

  • Click 'Topics' on the top-right corner of the screen.

This menu will show you Topics that you have followed and that you can currently see in your feed.

Clicking on 'Manage Topics' will give you a few options. Topics that you have already followed will appear in a dark circle under Featured and Latest. You can reorder your Topics which will change the order they appear in your Feed. You can also follow and unfollow Topics here by checking or unchecking them.

Save time and target ideal posting times by taking advantage of our queue feature! On PostBeyond you can queue posts to be sent out as per your queue schedule or for a specific day and time of your choosing. Your queue is a set of predefined times when you would like posts to be shared out. Using your queue will allow for a steady stream of content to be shared out to your networks, without having to be logged into the platform and performing the share on your own every time.

Set Up Your Queue Settings:

  • Click on your profile photo, select 'My Settings'.

  • Scroll down to your 'Queue Settings'.

  • Select different times throughout the week when you'd like to share content. Only one post will be shared per time selected so your content is spread out throughout the week.

Add Posts to Your Queue:

  • In the content library, navigate to any post you would like to queue and click on the icon of the network you want to queue to (due to Facebook's sharing changes, queueing is only available for Twitter and LinkedIn).

  • Personalize your post content and click 'Add to Queue.' This will slot the post in the next available time of your queue settings.

View Your Queue:

  • Click on the calendar icon in the top right hand corner of your main page.

  • Here you can toggle between your post history and your queue which contains posts that are set to be shared at a specific future date and time. In your queue, you can edit your caption, change the date/time you have selected, and delete the post from your queue.

On the bottom of the content card, click the icon of the social media network you want to share to.

Due to changes to Facebook and Twitter's policies regarding how content is shared on their networks, you must personalize a post before sharing it to Facebook or Twitter. When sharing on LinkedIn, you have the option to personalize or leave the pre-populated message.

Personalization ensures that posts are genuine and will allow you to come across as an authentic thought leader in your industry. In fact, personalized posts are 63% more likely to be engaged with.

  • Personalize the caption and then click 'Share' for your post to be shared to the social media network you selected!

  • If you want to share at a later time, click 'Add to Queue' and the post will be added to the next available time slot in your queue settings. If you want to post later and do not want to add to your queue, click the drop down arrow next to 'Add to Queue' to select a specific day and time from the calendar to share the post.

Pro-Tip: Download Mobile App & Chrome Extension:

The Android app is available at the Google Play store and the iOS app can be found at the iTunes store.

PostBeyond has a browser extension available in Chrome. You can use the extension to suggest content for your program administrators to review and approve.

If you have any questions about navigating the platform, feel free to reach out to our Support Team at

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