How to Set Web Traffic KPIs

Learn how to set KPIs for web traffic while comparing to industry averages.

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In this article, we are going to delve into how to set web traffic KPIs for PostBeyond. We will cover:

Benchmarking from PostBeyond

To track your organic impression from social media shares, we recommend:

  • Capturing your organic impressions 30 days after launching your PostBeyond program. Use this as a baseline benchmark to measure website traffic.

  • Setting a goal of a 2-5% increase in web traffic month over month.

  • Ensuring 60-70% of the content you add to the library is linked back to your website, if you're aiming for significant web traffic growth.

Industry Averages

Because employee advocacy is a marketing channel of its own, we strongly recommend you start by benchmarking your own program and the web traffic you receive from PostBeyond for the first 30 days of your program and set a goal based on that data.

However, for some context, this is what we typically see in web traffic from PostBeyond programs if you’re looking for a reference point. Please note that every website is different and results vary greatly depending on your site and the content you’re driving site traffic with.

Multi-Industry Average

Tech Industry

Consulting Industry

Consumer Services Industry

Overall Session per Quarter





New Website Visitors per Quarter





Conversions per Quarter





Pulling Reports from Google Analytics and Adobe

Learn more about how to pull reports from Google Analytics and Adobe.

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