API 101: Introducing APIs

Learn what APIs are, what APIs PostBeyond offers, and what Admins can achieve by leveraging our APIs.

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In this article, we will go over:

What are APIs?

First, let’s talk a little bit about what an API exactly is. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. What that means in the context of PostBeyond is that we can potentially talk to other applications you currently utilize in your tech stack.

How to Leverage PostBeyond APIs

Before reaching out to your CSM to learn more about what APIs are available, we recommend sitting down with your internal stakeholders to determine exactly what you’re trying to achieve. This will help us then guide your technical team to the exact API(s) they should be leveraging.

Some questions you want to consider before using our APIs:

  • What software do we want PostBeyond to talk to?

  • What are we trying to achieve by connecting these two softwares?

    • I.e. We want certain PostBeyond data points to appear in our Business Intelligence software

  • If this is about data, what exact data points do we need to capture?

  • Who is our IT and Info Security contact so that we can ensure we remain GDPR compliant in case users ask PostBeyond to be deleted?

  • How will success be measured in this endevaeour?

When you have the answers to all or some of these establishing questions, reach out to your CSM about utilizing API(s) for your program!

Common PostBeyond API Usages

Listed here are some examples of common usages of PostBeyond APIs.

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