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See the specific file requirements for uploading videos to PostBeyond for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Videos uploaded to PostBeyond can be shared to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Each network has specific video file requirements that need to be met in order for your video to be successfully shared to that network from PostBeyond.


Maximum file size: 5 GB

Minimum file size: 75 KB

Length: 10 minutes (recommended 90 sec)

Minimum video duration: 3 seconds

Resolution range: 256ร—144 to 4096ร—2304

Aspect ratio: 1:2.4 or 2.4:1

Frame rates: 10 fps - 60 fps

Bit rates: 192 KBPS - 30 MBPS

NOTE: vertical videos are cropped into a square in the feed.



Length: 0.5 seconds - 140 seconds

Frame rate: 60 FPS (Recommended 30 FPS)

Dimensions: 32x32 - 1280x1024

Recommended file size: 512 MB

Aspect ratio: 1:3 - 3:1

Pixel aspect ratio: 1:1

Bit rate: 25 MBPS

Only YUV 4:2:0 pixel format is supported

Audio must be AAC with Low Complexity profile, High-Efficiency AAC is not supported

Audio must be mono or stereo, not 5.1 or greater

Must not have open GOP

Must use progressive scan


Video Duration: 1 second - 241 minutes

Maximum File Size: 4 GB

Minimum Width: 120 pixels

Minimum Height: 120 pixels

NOTE: videos can be shared on Facebook Business pages only. They cannot be shared to personal Facebook pages.

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