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Learn about the Selectable Thumbnail Feature

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Previously, the thumbnail for Native Video posts defaulted to the very first frame of the video. Now, you can control the video thumbnail that appears in the post by selecting from automatically generated options or uploading your own.

Content creators now have full control over the thumbnail that gets shared in native video posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. We make it easy by automatically selecting a default thumbnail or allowing the content creator to upload their own.

*Note* Twitter does not allow for selectable thumbnails.

With the Selectable Thumbnails feature, when you create a Native Video post, PostBeyond will automatically select a default thumbnail, or you have the choice of uploading a custom thumbnail image.

Please note that the maximum size for the thumbnail is 4 MB. If you try to upload a thumbnail image that is greater than 4MB, you'll get a warning banner that looks like this:

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