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Revenue Attribution Models

Revenue Attribution Models: What are they?

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Revenue attribution models are a set of rules that determine the contribution that different touch points (email, social, paid, etc.) contribute to revenue earned by your company.

Each touchpoint is assigned a certain amount of credit (%), usually depending on when it occurred in the journey and the model you choose to apply.

There are five (5) different revenue attribution models your company could use:

What attribution model should we use?

If you are currently not using any attribution models, much consideration should take place before choosing one. Every business has different needs and therefore will use different models. However the most commonly used models are First Touch & Last Touch or W-Shaped.

Can PostBeyond be used in Revenue Attribution platforms?

Yes, PostBeyond can be used in Revenue Attribution platforms as long as they can add specific channels by UTM Parameter. PostBeyond uses two different models of tracking you can employ, more information can be found here.

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