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Engage your Users: Send Newsletters

Learn how to create and send newsletters and check newsletter analytics.

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In this article we'll go over our internal Newsletters feature, which is a great way to keep users updated on what's going on at your company, and to highlight some of the content you would like them to share. In this article, you'll learn:

Creating a newsletter is simple. You just choose who you want to send it to, write it up, then select which posts you'd like to attach. You can format your newsletter externally, then copy it into our text editor, and create it within the web app.


Every email you send will give you analytics on how each end user interacted with that email. You can see how many users it was successfully sent to, how many opened it, and how many clicks on content it generated.


  • Go to the analytics of one of your previously sent newsletters.

  • Sort the newsletter by number of opens.

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