In this article, we'll be covering team management, including the different methods of adding users to the platform. You'll learn:

Pro: one CSV file is used to upload as many users as you'd like and sort them into groups.

Pro: email sent directly from the platform by copying lists of email addresses.
Con: users need to be manually sorted into groups

Pro: users can be added directly to a group.
Con: admin must email all users in each group with a separate link.

Pro: very quick setup & very secure.
Con: users need to be manually sorted into groups

Pro: very secure & allows for more customization of login.
Con: Requires IT for setup.


  • Load users to your platform using one of the above methods.

Once your program is up and running, you will need to update your list when new employees start who should have access to the platform. Additionally, you may need to update a specific user's information as it changes. This section will show you how to add individual users to the platform, and how to update existing users' information.


  • Add one user to the platform.ย 

To ensure that your reporting is accurate, you will need to make sure that users who are no longer supposed to be on the platform, such as former employees, no longer have access to the platform and no longer appear in usage reports.


  • Archive one user.

  • Find the perviously archived user in your archived users list and unarchive them.ย 

Sometimes, you may want to reorganize your groups. Learn how to add new groups, rename groups, or delete group.


  • Edit the name of one of your groups.

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