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How to Delete/Archive an User

Learn how to remove/delete/archive a user from PostBeyond.

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Rather than deleting a user, PostBeyond allows you to "archive" them so they no longer appear in the analytics or communication groups. Archiving allows you to retain a record of the user if you need it, but it can be considered very similar to deleting them.

In this article, we will go over how you can archive an individual user. If you are interested in archiving many users at once, please see Bulk Archive Users.

Step 1: Select 'Team'

Step 2: Select the pencil icon next to the user you wish to archive.

When you hover over the user's name, you will see a pencil icon appear. Click on it.

Step 3: Change the user status from 'Registered' to 'Archived'.

Step 4: Generate Password - If the User Status was in the 'Invited' stage

This step seems a little weird - but if the user was not fully registered yet and was still in the invited stage, they would effectively need to register first before being archived.

Therefore, by generating a password, you push the user through this process.

Step 5: Select 'Save Changes'

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