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How to Import Multiple Users at Once (Bulk Uploading via Email Invite)
How to Import Multiple Users at Once (Bulk Uploading via Email Invite)

Learn how to add multiple users at once, also known as Bulk Uploading.

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How to Import Multiple Users at Once (Bulk Uploading)

Bulk uploading users is one of the most efficient ways to get a large number of users registered on your platform. This is done through a spreadsheet that is then uploaded to the platform.

*For those who have Home Groups enabled, please note that there will be some differences.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to:

  • Invite individual employees to PostBeyond.

  • Customize email invitations.

  • Send email invitations.


Step 1: Select 'Team'

Step 2: Select 'Invite via Email' 

Step 3: Click 'Upload a CSV' and download the sample CSV file.


Step 4: Fill in the sample CSV file.

Make sure you fill in the fields in the same way as it is done in the sample CSV file. Double check that you don't have spaces at the end of the words.

Email: the email the user is going to use to log in the platform

Groups: When specifying the group(s) for each user, please include the full path for the group. For example if you have a Sales group under Canada and a Sales group under USA, and you want to add a given user to the Sales group under Canada please enter ‘Canada > Sales'.

If you are adding a user to multiple groups then those groups need to be separated by semicolons. For example, if you wanted to add a given user to both of the Sales groups noted above you would enter ‘Canada > Sales; USA > Sales.

You can see all groups from under your team settings. If you would like to add users to a Group that doesn't yet exist, create a new Group before sending the CSV file. 

Role: for all users, choose one of the following roles: 'Administrator', 'Content Creator' or 'User.'

Home Groups: If you have Home Groups enabled, please add 1 Group ID from the Group column of the corresponding user

Save the file to your computer, and record the file name.

Step 5: Upload the CSV and 'Send Invites'

Once you've uploaded the CSV - you can send the invites and update or change the welcome email if you want to add any additional information.

You did it!

After clicking the 'Send Invites' button, email invitations will be immediately sent to employees.

Employees will immediately receive the invitation in their email. Your custom message will be formatted like this:

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