In this article, we will go over:

  • Integrations available in PostBeyond
  • iFrames available in PostBeyond
  • How to request an integration


What does it mean?

"Application integration is the merging and optimization of data and workflows between two disparate software applications, often a new cloud application with a legacy on-premise application" (, 2020).

Integrations available on PostBeyond

  • Slack: This integration allows admins to easily push/provide updates on new content available to users.
  • If you have a custom which you would like to integrate into PostBeyond you can do that in the URL Shortener section.
  • SSO (Singal Sign-On): SSO allows users to authenticate themselves through a 3rd party Identity provider (IDP) - which we integrate for a seamless login experience
  • Social Networks: We integrate with these social networks to allow for user sharing and to generate content through inbox feeds.


What is an iFrame?

Sometimes people will mistake an iFrame for an Integration - but they are very different things. And integration allows two separate platforms to operate seamlessly as one, whereas an iFrame creates a section in a platform where you can view another platform.

"An iFrame is a frame within a frame. It is a component of an HTML element that allows you to embed documents, videos, and interactive media within a page. By doing this, you can display a secondary webpage on your main page" (hostinger, 2020).

iFrames available on PostBeyond

  • Salesforce
  • Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Teams

For details on iFrames, please speak with your Customer Success Manager.

How to request an Integration or iFrame

Don't see the integration that you are looking for? Please connect with your Customer Success Manager or

We are always looking for product feedback and would love to hear from you!

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