How to Bulk Regroup Users via CSV

Learn how to change the group(s) of multiple users in a single go by bulk regrouping with a CSV file.

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What to change the group of many users at once? You do not have to submit a request to your CSM you can simply complete the following action on your own, anytime.


In the Admin panel go to 'Team' > 'Users'.

Click 'Regroup Users' button on the top of the Users page:

Then download the sample CSV to build out the file that will be used to bulk regroup users:

In the sample CSV, you will notice 2 columns:

  • Email

  • Group IDs

Under Email, make sure to add the email of the user that you would like to move.

Under Group ID, make sure to add the group ID found on the group page. ALSO, make sure that any users who will be in multiple groups be separated by [ : ] with no spaces.

IMPORTANT: If you are moving users to a new group that should still remain in other groups, make sure to include all existing groups under the Group IDs section - or the user will only be in the new group and removed from all other groups.

Group IDs can be found by navigating from the Admin panel > 'Team' > 'Groups'.

Once your document is ready, make sure that it is saved as a CSV.

After submitting the CSV, you will be asked to type REGROUP. This is a double check to make sure that you are confident in these changes:

And that is it!

There will be a few minutes for changes to reflect. So make sure to check the changes. The larger the CSV, the longer it may take.

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