How to Clean Your Team Registered Page

Maximize your license usage, reduce email bounce backs, and boost adoption and engagement by cleaning up your Team Registered page.

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In this article, we will outline the process and importance of cleaning up your Team Registered page. We will cover:

Why is it important to clean your team registered page?

When your Team Registered page hasn’t been cleaned in some time your platform will receive a larger than normal amount of email bounce backs. After cleaning up your team registered page, you will have more licences to invite new employees to the program and boost your program’s adoption and engagement rate. Cleaning this page regularly ensures you can take full advantage of your licenses.

What does the clean up involve?

Here’s the step-by-step process:

STEP 1: Filter Users by Last Login and Last Share

To improve the adoption of the platform and to maximize a program's licenses, Admins have the ability to easily filter users by Last Login and Last Share on the Team page.

For example, with these filters, you can see which users are not active, and conveniently archive inactive users to free up licenses to onboard new users.

With both drop-downs, easily filter users by:

  • Those who have or have not completed X

  • From a specific date or timeframe

Users who fit the rules selected will appear in the Users list and information available will include the users:

  • Last Login date

  • Last Share date

From here, admins can conveniently, complete a number of actions:

STEP 2: Communicate with Inactive Users and Cross Reference with HR

Once you have determined which users are inactive, we recommend implementing a re-engagement strategy and cross-referencing with HR to see if any inactive users are no longer at your organization. Those who have left your organization or are not interested in converting back to active users who log in and share can be archived.

STEP 3: Archive Inactive Users

Let's go over how you can archive a large number of users, by either:

Bulk Archive Users vis CSV:

First, on the Team > Users page click on 'Archive Users via CSV'.

Next, download the sample CSV or create a CSV that contains a column titled 'User Email Address' and list the users email addresses that should be included within the Bulk Archive.

Then, upload the document and click 'Next' to process.

Finally, to ensure that this is what you want to process, you will be required to type ARCHIVE.

Once completed it will take a few minutes for the changes to reflect - and you are all done!

Bulk Archive Users via Selection:

First, select the users from the Team list that should be archived

Then click 'Archive Users' > 'Archive Selected Users'

Lastly, type ' ARCHIVE' and click 'Confirm' to complete the process

Boost your program's success by regularly cleaning up your Team Registered page!

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