When setting up your PostBeyond platform, ensure you are using the appropriate branding specs for your:

Company Logo

  • PNG file at 72 dpi with transparent background

  • Max file size: 3 MB

  • Horizontal logo appears best. Approx. 400 px wide and approx. 125 high. (Height is variable, but keep it close to that ratio).

  • You can always change your logo in the Admin view. Go to the Settings page > Company tab > Upload company logo.


  • This will be the URL for users to login. Decide on the "company" section

    of the URL: company.postbeyond.com

  • Recommendation: Keep it simple and straightforward, and use your

    program name as a starting point.

  • Optional: If you want a fully customized URL, you can set one up on your

    side and add a 301 redirect pointing to the PostBeyond URL.

Mobile Login Page Image

  • Image should be able to fit responsively in various mobile screen sizes.

    Think of a solid color, repeating patter or image that can work if certain

    aspects are cut off.

  • Size estimated at 1440 x 900 but can vary screen to screen.

Desktop Login Page Image

  • Max file size: 3 MB

  • PNG File

  • Dimensions 1778 x 1556

Desktop Login Page Welcome Explainer

  • This is the copy that will be displayed on the login page. An example is

    shown below. Try and keep it to approximately 250 characters.

  • “[Platform Name] enables you to browse and share the latest content from

    the [Company Name] community. Be an industry thought leader and build

    your own personal brand by sharing great content to your social



  • This is the small image that appears on an Internet browser window/tab.

    You can use a square company logo or related branded image to be set

    as favicon.

  • 16 X 16 px at 72 dpi

Login Title

  • This is the title of the Login/Welcome Page. It will be displayed on the top

    of the window and the tab/browser name.

    • I.e. The Post (PostBeyond), Social Hub, Content Corner

Google Analytics UTM Parameters

PostBeyond uses the below defaults which can be customized:

  • campaign: “PostBeyond”

  • source: Social Network Name - Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

  • medium: "#" followed by user_id

  • term: Post title


  • campaign: “PostBeyond”

  • source: Social Network Name - Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

  • medium: “Social”

  • term: # followed by user_id which provides a backward reference in GA

    based on the user who shared content

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