Automatic User Grouping

Learn how you can automatically place users into groups by leveraging our APIs.

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In this article, we will go over:

How to Automatically Group Users with APIs

It's important to know where your users belong in your organization's PostBeyond platform. Groups can be utilized to filter relevant content based on audience needs and interests, they can be used to segment data for reporting/ analytics, and groups can be used to set up multiple leaderboards and to run group specific contests for gamifying employee advocacy.

Our APIs can be used to place users automatically into groups that fit your organizations unique setup and specific needs.

How to Request APIs

Please reach out to your CSM and share the following with them:

Tool: What is the name of the tool you are leveraging?

Desired Outcome: What exactly do you want to do when it comes to grouping users? An example might be "I want all the users in X group be belong to Y group".

3rd Party Software Contact (if applicable): This isn’t always necessary but if you are working with the team at whatever software you’re trying to integrate PostBeyond with, feel free to introduce us so we can speak directly with them.

Information and Security Contact at your Company: We require an email address when any customer is leveraging our APIs so we can ensure we stay GDPR compliant

Your CSM will follow up with the relevant API documentation for your IT team to review for implementation.

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