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Here is a brief overview of what you will find on the Posts page.

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The 'Posts' section of your platform is where you will create, edit, and manage posts.

Here you can see all of the previously published content, as well as any content that is pending, archived, or has been suggested by users. Here is a brief overview of what you will find on this page.

Include posts from

This button allows you to filter posts based on groups.

Active Posts

Selecting this will allow you to see all of the posts that are currently available to users in the platform.

Pending Posts 

Here is where you can find posts that have been scheduled to be published at a later date.

Archived Posts

Here you will find posts you have archived from your published posts and posts whose expiration date has passed.

Suggested Posts 

Here you can see any content suggested by your users and create posts based on their suggestions.


The search bar allows you to search for any Active or Pending posts that you have published.


Clicking here will allow you to view, create, edit, and delete post topics.

Import Posts

Here you can bulk import posts from a CSV file or through online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Create New Post 

Clicking here allows you to create a new post from scratch.

Edit & Archive

Clicking on the gear will give you the option to either edit a post or archive it.


Here you can see which groups can see each published post.


These symbols show you which social networks users are allowed to share each post on.


Here you can see what topics a post belongs to.

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