How to Implement a Short URL
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For your PostBeyond platform, your company can create a custom short URL or use the PostBeyond short URL

We recommend using a custom short URL, which you can read more about here.

Steps to Implement a short URL

Step 1: Create a CNAME in your DNS records for the short URL

In your DNS records, create a CNAME entry for your desired name referencing ''.

For your reference, we have an example below of such a record in AWS Route 53. Your DNS management console may differ.

  • Go to Route 53

  • Select Hosted Zones

  • Select the desired Domain Name (e.g.

  • Choose "Create Record Set"

  • Fill in the details for a CNAME record as shown below

Step 2: Notify PostBeyond

Once you've completed the above, have your CSM at PostBeyond set your Short URL to the desired address (e.g. or Shown below is what the CSM will see in their settings:


Once this is completed, PostBeyond will advise when the change has been made. You will be able to see the change to the short URL in shared posts.

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