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PostBeyond API Use Case: Increased Post Visibility
PostBeyond API Use Case: Increased Post Visibility

Learn how to increase post visibility by leveraging PostBeyond APIs.

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In this article, we will go over:

How to Increase Post Visibility using APIs

Your team is working in communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams everyday: it’s where they are chatting, sharing insights, URLS, and more. As an administrator, you want to push certain posts to your user's feeds so they see it, read it and share it. We have integrations available for both Slack and Microsoft Teams, where you can send posts to a channel that your team has access to. If you use a different tool at your organization, then we highly recommend leveraging our APIs that allow you to select which content you want pushed out to your employees.

Requesting APIs

Please reach out to your CSM and share the following with them:

Tool: What is the name of the tool you are leveraging for communications?

Desired Outcome: What exactly do you want to do when it comes to increasing the post visibility in this tool. An example might be “I want to be able to select which posts are pushed to the feed/channel in X software”.

3rd Party Software Contact (if applicable): This isn’t always necessary but if you are working with the team at whatever software you’re trying to integrate PostBeyond with, feel free to introduce us so we can speak directly with them.

Information and Security Contact at your Company: We require an email address when any customer is leveraging our APIs so we can ensure we stay GDPR compliant

Your CSM will follow up with the relevant API documentation for your IT team to review for implementation.

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